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How to get perfect focus.

Getting focus is in theory very simple. You point the camera, you wait for the focus confirmation, and you take the picture. But as we...

Why you should use a flash or strobe instead of the shutter to freeze fast movement.

One of the things we learn when we start out with photography is that shutter speed can be used to help freeze fast action....

How to setup your Canon 6D II autofocus for better servo tracking performance.

When I got my Canon 6D II I didn’t change much about how the AF worked initially. Later, I decided to try some different...

Create a stunning product photo using freeze frame photography!

Why use Freeze Frame For an in depth discussion on why you should use your flash to freeze fast movement check out this article on...

How to get started with flash photography

When you’re just getting into photography worrying about what flash to use might not be at the forefront of your mind. There are tons of things...

Should you work with 16-bit color depth in Photoshop?

It’s somewhat ironic that in this age in which we have become so obsessed with the performance of our cameras and lenses that we continue to...

How to disable “Press and hold to right click” for your Wacom tablet.

I recently got a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and have been impressed with it so far. However, there was one thing that I found...

Get started with off camera flash

With the advent of wireless technology off camera flash has become more popular than ever. Since everyone is doing it it's now kind of...

What kind of computer is best for photo editing?

Mac vs PC The eternal debate, should you buy a Mac or a PC? PCs are often seen as office machines better suited to the...