How to disable “Press and hold to right click” for your Wacom tablet.

I recently got a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and have been impressed with it so far. However, there was one thing that I found annoying when trying to paint in Photoshop.

By default, Windows, has enabled a feature under Pen & Touch settings called “Press and hold”.

This feature is really interruptive when drawing and kind of hard to figure out because changing it is not available in any of the Wacom tablet settings.

Basically if you hold your pen still for a second while its touching the tablet windows will activate a right click. This makes drawing super annoying.

example of right click from press and hold
The right click circle menu…

Thankfully it can be turned off.

To begin, go to your Windows search bar and type “Control Panel”. Then hit enter or select the “Control Panel” option in the popup menu.

Select “Pen and Touch” in the right hand column.

control panel with pen and touch
The control panel in all its glory.

In the “Pen and Touch” dialog, select “Press and hold” in the list, then select “Settings”.

Pen and touch menu
Pen and Touch menu

Now simply unselect “Enable press and hold for right-clicking” and click “OK”.

press and hold settings
Press and Hold Settings

You could also play around with the speed setting which will change how long it takes for the press and hold menu to appear. This might make right clicking more deliberate. I just turned the feature off completely and right click using the button on the Wacom Pen.

Anyway, I hope this quick tip helped you better utilize your Wacom tablet!







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