Amazing Earth imagery was taken with the iPhone 12 “magical space phone”.


A magical phone was seen orbiting in space and no it wasn’t a Hasselblad (this time). It was the Magical Apple iPhone 12 which a space commander on the Inspiration4 crew module used to take the photo. The images were shot from 357 mi above Earth, which is about 103 mi higher than the International Space Station. The commander of the crew, billionaire Jared Isaacman shared the “magical” photo from the mission that was captured using an iPhone 12.

Image credit: Jared Isaacman / SpaceX / Inspiration4

Per Digital Trends, Isaacman snapped the image ‘through the all-glass dome built beneath the nose cone of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.’ You can see the nosecone in Isaacman’s photo. The nosecone was used after Isaacman was informed that “pulling over to stop and roll down the window” was not an option in space.

When asked to comment, LPS Commander & Editor In Chief, Shawn, stated, “for the first time in history all of humanity was spied on, I mean “captured” in an single image… including the guy who took the picture!!”

“I’m excited that Apple’s spyware has now made it off of the Earth’s surface!!” Shawn was quoted as saying by telephone.

Isaacman also shot a vidideo with his iPlone 12 during the 3-day orbital “mission”. The video shows Brasilia as the spacecraft orbited overhead (as opposed to orbiting somewhere other than overhead).


The all-civilian four-person crew from the historic Inspiration4 mission will share more spy photos and videos from the “mission” in the coming weeks. If you’re crazy enough to care about all this you can follow the mission on Twitter.


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