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What is ISO in photography?

ISO definition In photography ISO is used to specify the sensitivity of film or a digital sensor. The acronym ISO stands for "International Standards Organization"....

What is a prime lens?

Simply put a prime lens is a lens that has a single focal length. This means you can't zoom with the lens. This is...

Why Do You Need To Use Off Camera Flash (OCF)?

Off camera flash has recently become ubiquitous with the advent of radio transmitters. In the olden days you were limited to using flash sync...

When to use Shutter Priority (Tv) or Aperture Priority (Av).

Camera's can do a lot for us these days. Most of them include full auto modes where the camera makes all the selections for...

How to remove dust from your sensor.

An occasional problem with ILC cameras is that dust gets inside the camera, even inside the lenses, and can show up in your photos...

How to choose the perfect camera.

One of the first things you need to start your journey as a photographer is a good camera. There are a lot of factors...

How to control depth of field.

At first it might seem confusing how depth of field changes when using your camera but of course it's a logical phenomenon that you...

How do you get the perfect white balance?

There are a few different approaches to getting the color right in your pictures. In camera white balance The first and simplest is to choose...

Do you need to use a lens a hood?

What it's supposed to do I've heard working pros say a lens hood doesn't do anything. And for their style of shooting it may not....