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Have you ever wished you had a community of fellow photographers to hang with& learn from? LPS Photo Pros is the place for serious photographers to find community, challenge themselves & have fun doing it.

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"The LPS foundations course helped me to finally overcome my fear of camera settings. Working through the weekly challenges really helped me to experiment with using different settings & understanding the outcomes. It's easily the best investment I've made in my photography."

Jake B.

Foundations Course Graduate

What's Inside
Manual Photography Masters -
The Foundation


Weekly Lessons

This foundational course is comprised of 6 interactive lessons in 6 weeks. Each week you'll receive a video on a specific topic, laying the groundwork for you to go out during the next 3-5 days and implement the skills discussed in a weekly challenge. The challenges are designed to get you to go beyond the video lessons and take pictures while focusing on very specific tehcniques.


Learn Now, & Keep Learning

At the end of each course, we'll provide you with a downloadable PDF' guide covering all topics in the course with bonus assingments to expand upon the skills you learned in our 6 weeks. We will also provide 1 year of access to all Q&A and work critiques. No matter what path you take your materials will be available to provide guidance whenever you need it.


Q & A Sessions And Customized Work Critiques

It's one thing to read materials online, it's another to have an experienced pro give you personalized feedback on your work. At the end of each week, you'll have the opportunity to submit your photos and receive personalized feedback on your work. You'll also have an opportunity to join me for two live Q & A session where you can ping me on a variety of photography subjects and get your questions answered.


Use Any Camera With Manual Controls

Our classes are designed to work for you no matter what brand or type of camera you have. You can successfully learn from our class even with a cellphone! (Cellphone must support manually setting ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture/Portrait Mode). I'll even dedicate some time to discussing the ways that cellphones try to digitally simulate a real camera.

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About Your Instructor

Hey there, I'm Shawn Kenessey, founder of Learn Photography Skills and all-around photography geek. I am a professional wedding photographer with hundreds of weddings under my belt. I also work in nature photography and have even dipped my toes into fashion photography.

I believe that there is always room for improvement when it comes to picture taking & I hope by sharing some of the things I have learned along the way I will make your photography journey just a little easier, and a little more fun.

-Shawn Kenessey

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