Sunday, October 2, 2022

Photography + Community

LPS Photo Club

Have you ever wished you had a community of fellow photographers to hang with & learn from? LPS Photo Pros is the place for photographers to find community, challenge themselves & have fun doing it.

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Make photography a bigger part of your life.

The LPS Photo Club is an online community for beginning photographers & hobbyists who want photography to be a bigger part of their life. Our goal is to help you become the photographer you were born to be without the competitve spirit found in so many online photography forums. We focus on the experience of photography first and sharing second. We celebrate creativity not perfection. We are creating a safe space for photographers to connect & grow their skills.

Monthly Challenges

Build your skills through monthly challenges designed to get you out practicing techniques

Online Photo Chats

We meet online every month to talk photography.

Online Community

When you join to LPS photo club you'll get access to our online community space which includes threads to help you connect with other photoraphers.

Guest Speakers

Every quarter we bring in a guest speaker to help you gain more knowledge.

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