Leica has announced the release of a special Safari edition of their M10-P camera.  With only 1,500 of these cameras available, this is sure to be a sought after item for Leica collectors & enthusiasts.

Leica limited 'Safari' edition M10-P  Back end

The Safari edition is identical to other M10-P’s in terms of technical specifications and performance.  What makes it unique is its distinctive olive green stove enamel finish which gives this camera a robust and rugged look.

Leica limited 'Safari' edition M10-P  bottom view

For Leica collectors the olive green coloring should be familiar given that historically Leica used this color on cameras that were manufactured exclusively for military use beginning in 1960.

The premium stove enamel finish in olive green makes the camera and lens resistant to finger marks and scratches and provides enduring protection against external influences such as solvents, chemicals and UV light.

– Leica

What we like about the Leica Safari Edition M10-P

  •  It makes a great presentation piece but would also be tough enough to handle on-location shooting in extreme conditions.
  • It captures the spirt of Leica’s early military use cameras.
  • It comes with accessories that enhance the cameras unique look.  These include a carry strap crafted from cowhide and a case for SD memory cards.
  • All metal components on the camera are machined out of brass.
  • The enamel finish is resistant to finger marks and scratches.

A matching Safari Edition lens

Leica has also announced a matching limited edition Leica Summicron-M50 mm f/2 Edition ‘Safari’ premium lens.  This lens will be their first lens ever to feature the enamel green finish and includes the same brass machining of metal components as well as stand-out red paint for the distance scale in feet and the focal length engravings.

There are only 500 of these lenses being released so collectors will want to be sure to seek theirs out as soon as they can after the February 15th release.

Leica limited 'Safari' edition M10-P side view

Pricing & Purchasing Information

The Leica Safari Edition M10-P is available for $8,450 with 1,500 units total available. The matching lens is available for $2,750 with only 500 units available.

The camera is currently available from amazon or your Leica dealer.


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