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How to setup your Canon 6D II autofocus for better servo tracking performance.

When I got my Canon 6D II I didn’t change much about how the AF worked initially. Later, I decided to try some different AF settings in the custom function menus to see if I could improve the servo tracking performance of the camera for my uses which is mostly shooting people. What I have found is that some of the settings seem to just make the camera track worse despite what it seems should happen based on the description of the settings. After some experimentation here are my settings that I think work the best to enable solid tracking of people for most situations.

C.Fn II Autofocus

canon 6D II Custon Function Autofocus menu

Option 1: Tracking Sensitivity

Set it to “Locked on”

Option 2: Accel./decel. Tracking

Set it to “0”

Option 3: AF pt auto switching

Set it to “0”

Option 4: AI Servo 1st image priority

Set it to “Release”

Option 5: AI Servo 2nd image priority

Set it to “Focus”

Option 11: Initial AFpt, [] AI Servo AF

Set it to “1”

Option 11 is only valid for Phase Detect AF. Before starting to Servo AF simply align the visible AF point with your intended target, such as a person’s face. This is the best way to ensure you get good tracking on your subject.

You can change the starting AF point using the rear AF point selection button.

canon 6D II rear af point button
Location of the rear AF point button circled in red.

Did these tips help you? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve been shooting basketball for a couple of years with my 6d mark ii and a 135mm f2 and 70-200mm f2.8 IS III. I made these changes and they absolutely improved my keeper rate. Thank you very much for posting this.



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