Are AI powered editors and fake Sky photos a plague upon photography?


Photo fakery has reached pandemic levels. Everywhere I look fake photos are taking over. They took over on Instagram, they are taking over on Flickr, and they are taking over pretty much anywhere photography is the medium and “likes” are the currency. On top of all that we have got “deep fakes” to deal with. With some of the AI technology coming out it is not hard to imagine a world where pictures are fake as a rule and real is the exception.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in a world where fake is the rule, photography as a business will be dead. And I will go one step further and say most likely all of photography will be dead. There will not be a point to taking pictures. People will just open up an app, tell it what they want, and just like that it will magically make photos of them relaxing on the beach in Bora Bora that they can share with their followers.

I can imagine a family visiting Hawaii, they actually went there in person, but they did not bring cameras. But as they were checking out, they went to the front desk of their hotel and ordered the tourist photo family pack. Then the computer spit out photos of the happy family standing in front of all the places they might have visited, or maybe they just sat in the hotel and did smack the whole time, since apparently that is going to be legal now (thanks Oregon). But either way, they have the pictures to prove they went there without having to even take a single picture. And the lucky thing for this smack addicted family is that the computer will automatically remove the track marks, bruises, and sunken eyelids so the world will never know their dirty secret.

Yep, and now thanks to the coronavirus we will all be locked up in our homes unable to go out and see each other. All we will have are the fake photos a computer made for our fake selfies we posted on Facebook. (Our AI adjusted smiles will make us look so happy!) Heck, we will not even know which one of us still alive, because the computer will just keep making selfies of us visiting places and posting them long after we are dead.

But do not get too upset, the drugs that are injected in your brain from a government mandated implant will ensure you do not feel the slightest discomfort when it kills you in your sleep and you are shipped to a factory for canning and redistribution as a protein supplement for the new race of Android children.

Do not worry, they look exactly like us!

What do we really know? That could be happening right now. Instagram was in the news recently because they removed millions of FAKE accounts… How were millions of fake accounts even created? Who maintains all those accounts? Bots, right? When all your friends are bots, and all your likes are bots, and all your comments on your photos are from bots, what does that make you?

If you like all this fake junk maybe you are a bot too.

So, how about a test to see if you are a bot? Just look at the selection of images below and pick out your favorite.

Now, the image you chose will determine if you are a bot or not…

The one real image is the first image with the plain blue sky. All the other images are fakes.

If you picked the image with the blue sky as your favorite, congratulations, you are a real human.

The rest of you are bots.

Happy shooting! And by all means, please enjoy the fake sky tool… if you dare!


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