5 tips to take better quality pictures with your digital camera.


Like many budding photographers you might be thinking to yourself; “If only I had that new camera, I would take such better pictures!” Well, hold on their pardner, don’t get your panties in a wad just yet. Take a second, breathe in, breathe out, you do not need to rush out and buy the latest and greatest camera to take great pictures.

In fact, the very first DSLR’s still take great pictures. With a few simple techniques I will teach you how to get the best quality images from your camera.

Tip 1: Use a low ISO. If you have not learned how to control ISO on your current camera you might want to think about doing that before spending big bucks on a new camera. Most cameras start at 100 ISO but some start at 50 ISO. The bottom line though is that anything above 1600 ISO on most cameras, even the newer ones, is not going to give you the absolute best possible image.

Tip 2: Get a good exposure. Take the time to expose your shots properly. Getting shots that are too dark will lower the image quality if you have to make them brighter later.

Tip 3: Learn how your aperture affects your pictures. Bigger apertures give more light which means lower ISO and less noise in your pictures. Smaller apertures give less light but usually the lens will be a little sharper at a smaller aperture. If it is really bright out, use a small aperture!

Tip 4: Use a tripod in low light/cloudy days. A tripod does one thing, it holds the camera still. That lets you use a nice low shutter speed like 1/10th of a second and your picture will still be sharp. You can buy a tripod off of Amazon for 60 bucks like the one below:

Tip 5: Shoot RAW if your camera supports it. Shooting RAW gives you the most flexibility to change white balance and exposure after you take the picture.

Check out the rest of the Quick Tips section for more of the easy-to-understand information like this!


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