10 tips for taking videos and photos with your Canon EOS RP!


Over the year or so that we have had the EOS RP in our studio we have gotten used to some of it’s strengths and weakness, and have developed some ways of working with the camera to bring out the best it is capable of!

Tip #1: Use the Zone AF focus point.

The EOS RP does not quite have the mind blowing tracking abilities of the newer RF cameras like the EOS R5, R6, and upcoming EOS R3. What it does have however is still a accurate and reliable focusing system based on Canon’s Dual Pixel AF. However, the best results come from using the Zone AF focus mode. If you are having problems using the smaller focus boxes it might be a good idea to try this mode instead.

Tip #2: Use the touch & drag AF point selection.

One of the cool features of all the RF cameras is that you can just drag your thumb on the rear screen while you are looking through the viewfinder to move the focus point around. It seems a bit odd at first but once you get used to it it’s fairly intuitive. Also, remember that you can choose whether to use the whole screen or the left or right half of the screen for this purpose. I typically choose to use the right half of the screen so that my nose touching the screen does not interfere with the focus selection.

Tip #3: Process the RAW files in something other than Lightroom.

Lightroom is actually pretty good for basic photo editing, but when it comes to recovering files with lots of noise it is not great. If you have to do a deep shadow recovery where noise is really causing you problems you might want to try Canon’s free Digital Photo Professional Application, it handles RP files really well.

Tip #4: Use HDR video recording when shooting video.

Surprise!! The EOS RP actually has a mode that increases the dynamic range when shooting video. It is simply called “HDR movie”. With your camera in video mode simply go to the very first menu item and choose “Shooting Mode” then make the appropriate selection. You won’t find this mentioned in a lot of reviews for some reason so if you haven’t figured it out yet consider this tip a token of my appreciation for visiting www.learnphotographyskills.com!

Tip #5: Use the new RF 70-200’s on the RP.

It might be tempting to think why use a big $$$$ lens on a relatively inexpensive camera like the EOS RP, but in actual fact the RF 70-200mm f/2.8 works great on the RP. In fact that is my favorite lens to use on the RP if I am going to shoot with Servo AF and tracking moving subjects like people walking around. The even newer RF 70-200mm f/4 may be a better match from a price point but either lens should work wonderfully.

Tip #6: Turn the camera off every chance you get.

When it comes to using the EOS RP one of the big challenges is managing the battery life. You can really improve things by being diligent about turning the camera off every chance you get. I have personally seen the battery life vary between 250 shots and go as high as nearly 800 shots. If you really want to maximize the number of shots you get from the camera turning it off right after you take your picture is key.

Tip #7: Use face tracking.

The EOS RP does include face tracking auto focus in its feature set so I recommend giving it a try to see if it works for you. In many scenarios like shooting portraits it is pretty effective and accurate. Overall a nice feature to have on a relatively inexpensive camera.

Tip #8: Use an RF mount Nano USM lens when shooting video.

The EOS RP is a competent video camera. If you really want to get the best out of it though you need to try the RF Nano USM lenses. The RF 24-240mm and RF 70-200’s all have Nano USM focus motors. Nano USM is great for photography but it is specifically designed to also be excellent for video as the motors are near silent and can make very smooth and consistent focus pulls. The next best thing in Canon’s lineup for video are the STM lenses which are typically found in the lowest tier of lenses Canon makes but they’re still better than a traditional USM motor when it comes to video AF.

Tip #9: Don’t be afraid to upgrade.

The RP is a great camera but the newer Canon cameras like the EOS R6 and R5 are even better. I personally shoot with the EOS R5 and I have quit using my EOS R and RP altogether. I only keep them around as backups now because you never know when something bad will happen.

Tip #10: Shoot often!

The best way to get better at using your RP? Using your RP! Get out there and experiment with it. So you don’t have that gimble you wanted yet? Who cares, mess around with the RP and see what you can get just shooting hand held. Just go out and have fun with the camera and learn all you can while you have the opportunity.

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